Monday, December 23, 2013

Things you should know about car body Kits

Things you should know about car body Kits
Car body Kits
The car has evolved a lot since the early days at the beginning of the 20th century. That may be understandable, since it has been more than a hundred years. What is surprising is that although developed without pause during all these years. You would have thought at some point in evolution would be mitigated and slowed down. But even today, after more than one century of development continue to evolve at high speed auto. Technology are emerging for the different subsystems that make up the car.

So what drives this constant evolution of the car? After all, a car is not a biological creature that mother nature will take care of. May it may not seem so, but the evolution of the car is the combined effect of several initiatives taken by companies and individuals. Corporations is understandable because they invest a lot of money on research, and therefore it is likely to lead the evolution.

Things you should know about car body Kits
Auto Car body Kits
What is striking is how individuals have contributed. And among them were those who modified their cars with body kits and showed the way to how the car can be styled better. These pioneering individuals have been so successful that many car manufacturers now offer equipped factory body kits.

Therefore, when you buy a new car as its owner its role is not limited to a user's. You can also be a contributor to the evolution of the car. To come out and express your style by that body kits installation maybe directing industry to the next level in the design of cars.

Of course, you will not be only when you will look to push the envelope of the car design more. You will have the talent of the body kits of the car designers who work with you. These talented designers can not get the visibility that automotive designers do, but work hard to create new and fantastic designs. Using your imagination and your familiarity with your car that will be able to reach a unique style that makes people stop and admire the car.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Auto & Technology Exhibition Coming Next Spring

Shanghai Auto Show
Opening this April 22nd up until the 28th next year, 2007, an exhibition of automobile and manufacturing technology would be held. This is according to an announcement given out by the Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The grand event is the 12th International Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition and is better known as the Auto Shanghai 2007.
Where will this be held? If you are interested, you can rush to the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center at the mentioned dates. For this year, the whole event revolves around the theme "Technology and Nature in Harmony" which can be quite in the trend. The announcement also did say that for the 2007 Auto Shanghai, the event would be focusing also on the leading automobile companies in the world although it has not been mentioned if people would be able to purchase auto products like Dodge auto parts, Ford car parts, and the like here.
For this year, the Auto Shanghai 2007 would be using the venue's nine indoor exhibition halls. Seven of those would be for the auto crafters while the remaining two halls would be for auto components. Aside from those indoor halls, there would also be two temporary outdoor halls to be used plus the exterior part of the venue. The announcement from Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. also did mention that the total area where the exhibition would be taking place would cover more than 140,000 square meters.
Media people can visit the 12th International Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition on the 20th and the 21st. However, those days given to the media would only be available for domestic and overseas media people. The organizers did mention that such would be so as to better facilitate any reports and questions coming from the journalists. The media people could also ask better and even more comprehensive questions.
On the other hand, for trades people, the days 22nd and 23rd would be kept especially for them while the remaining ones would be for the public.
The Auto Shanghai started out back in the year 1985 and has since evolved into an international auto show.